10 Low Tech Thing you Can do to Keep your Home Cool

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It is hot and it is humid. You hardly want to move when you are indoors and forget about trying to get things done outdoors. The AC is blasting, which is helping to keep your family cool, but just think about what your energy bill is going to look like. There are a number of other lower cost, low tech solution that you can tackle to help keep your house cooler all summer long. Consider taking some time this weekend to check a couple of ideas off of this list. Some will be more effective faster then others, but they will all help save money and keep you cooler in the long run. Some of the ideas are very logical, like installing a ceiling fan. They really do help, they are not just circulating hot air around your house. Other ideas you probably never thought about before like planting vines and painting your roof. These don’t work in every area of the country but consider them for you house. A light roof will help to reflect the rays instead of absorb them. Vines also help to lower the temperature of a building by shading the walls from the sun. This same effect can be achieved by planting a tree, but it will take a lot longer to grow. If these aren’t projects that you want to DIY, hire a professional. In the long run you will still save money and more importantly your sanity.

Summer is here and the air is full of the the sound of whining air conditioners, all seriously sucking kilowatts. Yet much of that air conditioning load could be reduced or the air conditioning season shortened if we did simple things, many of them common before air conditioning was common in North America. Here are some low-tech tips for keeping cool.

The best ideas are those that keep the heat out of your home in the first place, rather than paying to pump it out after it gets in.

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