10 Tips for Painting your Home

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If you are going to take the time to paint your house, or at least a room in it, you might as well do it right so that all of your work isn’t for nothing. A fresh coat of paint or a brand new color in a room can go a long way to breath new life into the space. An accent wall that you paint with a bold contrasting color is a great design options as well to bring a lot of interest to a room without a lot of cost or work. Whatever the reason for choosing to paint your house, following the tips below will help ensure that the project is a success. 

Proper preparation is the key to a successful paint job. Old paint should be removed and walls should be clean to ensure you get a smooth finish. Don’t go cheap when buying your rollers or brushes or you could end up with bristles or fuzz in the walls. Texture walls do have their place but random texture in the wall really isn’t something you want to see. Since you have spent some money on your brushes, make sure you properly care for them in between coats. This doesn’t mean putting them in paint thinner or even washing them every time. Learn from those that have made the mistakes before so that you don’t have to make the mistakes yourself.

Painting the interior of a house: such a basic home improvement, such a perilous pit of tough choices, expensive mistakes, and strained necks. But with a few basic tips, painting your home can be a breeze. The DIY experts at Stack Exchange chime in with the keys to the perfect paint job.

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