10 Tips on how to Properly Hang Things

You have spent the time to find the perfect piece of art, shelf or memorabilia to hang on the wall, you hang it and it falls off and breaks. To protect your items and your walls, you should know how to probably hang everything that you put up. You need to consider things like the weight of the item, where it is going on the wall, if there will be a stud behind it, and more.  Lighter items are much easier to deal with and don’t require as much planing, although placement is still key. If you are hanging multiple items in one area, layout your arrangement before you begin putting holes in your wall. Otherwise you will be adding an extra step  to the finishing process of your wall hanging project.

10 Tips on how to Hang Almost Anthing

I still remember when we lived in our first house – the first project we tackled was improving our closet.  I remember Hubby patiently showing me how to find a stud, drill a pilot hole and hang something properly from the wall.  It has proved to be as valuable as the typing lessons I took in high school.  A girl has got to know how to hang stuff on a wall!

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