12 Ways to Deal With the Most Annoying Kitchen Storage Problems

Our Take

After spending all day in the kitchen tomorrow, you will probably be very aware of all the storage and organization issues that your kitchen has. By the end of the day, you will most likely have some choice words for the pots that keep falling on your toes. Take this weekend to find solutions for all of the issues that you have identified. You may be able to fix them with items you already have around your home. Others you may have to solve by visiting your local kitchen store. Some easy organization tools and hooks can solve your problems. Those pots stack so well, but the lids get in the way. Secure them to the door of the cabinet with simple clips. A little DIY may also be part of your solution, such as creating an easy rack to show off all of your serving platters that are normally hidden away. Or buy a pegboard from your local hardware store to hang your odds and ends on. By adding some little chalk lines, you will never wonder where anything goes again. We all know that storage container organization can be the hardest of all to tackle, but the solution could be in some tiny little pegs to keep everything separated. All of these solutions may take a little elbow grease but none of them cost very much money. So make a list of the most troubled areas and tackle them soon.

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