12 Ways to Turn Organizing Dilemmas into Storage Solutions

Our Take

Just because your house has room for everything that you own, doesn’t mean that your house will be organized. You need to lay out a plan for organization and create a space for each and everything that you own. They key is to keep the plan easy. If it is complicated, you won’t put things away and your house will once again be disorganized. Store things in the same space that you use them. No one wants to walk around the house to get what they need and put it away again. Take the unfinished spaces in your home and turn them into organization hubs with shelving, containers, etc. Storage should be your friend. If there are things you only use during certain times of year, don’t keep them out in the open or they will just get in the way. Once these items are in storage, if they never come out again, you should probably just get rid of them. When you are creating an organization system it is also important to think outside the box. What pieces of furniture and what spaces can be used as additional storage around your home? Also remember that storage shouldn’t be ugly. Make it stylish and you will be able to hide storage all over your house. Organization will never be a problem again if you make it attractive and easy to use.

When you move into your dream home, you’ll finally have enough closet and storage space, and you’ll organize and store everything, and it will stay where it belongs, right. Without designing enough storage space into your new home, letting go of what you no longer need, and finding smart ways to organize what you [ ] The post 12 Ways to Turn Organizing Dilemmas into Storage Solutions appeared first on Remodelaholic.

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