19 Fall Garden Ideas, Project and Tips to Extend Your Harvest

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Just because your summer flowers are starting to dye off and tree leaves will be changing colors soon, it doesn’t mean that your gardening has to come to an end. There are a number of ways to extend the harvest season of your garden so you can enjoy fresh flowers and vegetables, well into the fall. Start by planting vegetables that grow in the fall. You have another week or two before it’s to late. Hearty greens like kale love to grow again in the fall, as well as beets, beans and broccoli. You can also extend the growing season by building a simple greenhouse cover for your garden beds. It can be done in a day and doesn’t take much more than hoops and the correct plastic material. If you think it’s too late for a fall planting, start getting those bulbs in the ground to enjoy in the spring. Tulips and hyacinths are just two of the beautiful spring flowers you can plant now. Or start planning your garden for next year. It’s never to early to get a jump on what you what your landscape and garden to look like in the future. As you clean up your garden and landscaping this fall, pull aside elements that you can use in your home decor for another project. Natural items, make the best and most beautiful home decor in the fall both inside and out. There are plenty of ways to continue to stay busy in your garden this fall. Don’t just forget about it now that summer is ending.

For many novice gardeners, the coming of cooler weather is often a sign to turn their attention away from the yard and garden, as it’s usually too late to start growing any more of the classic summer garden vegetables, but fall gardens can also be productive, whether you’re growing vegetables, greens, or flowers. Fall is also an excellent time to prep your garden for springtime and set up the conditions to build healthy soil over the winter, which will pay off in spades in the spring, or to build greenhouses, cold frames, compost bins, or raised garden beds.

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