20 Amazing Kitchen Pantry Ideas

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A kitchen pantry doesn’t have to be limited to a closet, a shelf in your basement or an extra cupboard in your kitchen. When you think outside the box you could turn the area under your stairs into a pantry or get a beautiful old amour to store all of your canned goods. The choices don’t have to end there. In the article below you will be inspired by a variety of styles. For example, even if you use a closet you can stylize it to stand out. Put a rustic sliding door on it, paint the existing door with chalkboard paint, or add a rolling cart to the closet to aid in transporting your goods. Before creating your pantry you need to decide how much storage space is really necessary. This time of year you probably need more than other times, with all the extra holiday food. From there you can determine where to locate your pantry and what you want the style to be. When the options are endless it can be overwhelming. Just take your time, look at some of the inspiration below and have fun creating your amazing kitchen pantry. It could be the envy of all of your guests.

A funny dead space at the end of this kitchen turned into a pantry with a French bistro feel. Photograph by Matt Clayton A pantry is a great thing to have for kitchen storage, but many people do not make the most of it. First of all, do not forget it’s a room — albeit a very small room — and like any other room in the house you should really think about the way you decorate and organize the space.

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