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20 DIY Pet Projects Every Dog Owner Should Know About

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We are truly in the dog days of summer right now, with temperatures that are often unsafe for your pets. Don’t they deserve a break from the heat with a little treat? We know that your pet is already spoiled, but it can be fun to give them something new. So why not stay out of the heat yourself and DIY one of the twenty ideas below for your pet. Maybe start with something simple that can help your dog stay cool, like a frozen treat. Or if you live in a colder climate, make a different kind of dog treat like bacon sticks or baked dog bones. Dog toys are another place where your DIY skills can easily create fun. Try the simple empty water bottle toy, old sock ball or tug of war toy. If your skills are more advanced, try crocheting a dog toy. Maybe your dog needs a new bed. You can get creative with this project. Use an old sweatshirt if you have a small dog, build a beautiful crate to give them their own space in any room or convert an unconventional item, like a suitcase, into a bed. Finally there are items like dog shampoo, feeding stations and dog tags that you can tackle on your own as well. Keep your dog happy and stay out of the heat yourself by tackling one or two of these ideas.  Just think of the fun you will have both in and out of the sun.

As every dog parent will tell you, having a cute and energetic doggie in your life – or even a lazy one that just wants to eat and snuggle all the time – is a true joy, but a serious obligation as well. You have to care for the little rascal, take him for walks, feed him, get doggie snacks and constantly replace chewed up dog toys, not to mention things like pillows and cables that puppies happily chew up while they are teething and know no better.

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