2015 Spring Lawn and Landscaping Tips

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You are finally starting to see all those beautiful flowers come out of the ground from the bulbs that you planted in the fall. Your landscape and yard are starting to come alive after a long cold winter. Now is when the real work begins. Spending time on your landscape in the spring will lead to a better looking yard throughout the summer and the fall. Now is the time to start planting some of your flowers and transplanting any seeds that you may have started indoors. If your nights are still getting really cold be careful and read the labels on the flowers that you are putting in the ground. You don’t want to waste the hard work and money. Spring is also the time of year when you want to prune some plants, however not all. Again, do your research before you start going crazy with those pruners. Mulching, edging, weeding and adding color to your landscape are all tasks that you want to take care of this spring to improve your landscape. Get more detail in the article below so you can put together a plan of attack for your yard. Not only will all the work make your landscape and home look beautiful, it will get you outside, enjoying the sun and nice weather, and it will help you clear your mind with a little physical activity. 

Lawn Care It might be a bit of a sorry sight after the past 6 months, but with a bit of work, you can bring it back to life. If you can see a fair amount of thatch (the dead, straw-like stuff) you will need to rake it out before you attempt any other lawn care projects. The reason? Anything you add, such as new seed or fertilizer will simply sit on the thatch, rather than getting down into the soil, unless it is removed. Once you have de-thatched your lawn, you can add your fertilizer application. This helps the lawn to green up and recover from winter stress. Weed control and crabgrass preventative should also be applied during this step if you are not attempting to grow new grass or overseed.

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