21 Things You Should Throw Away Right Now

Our Take

We love DIY projects, especially when they call for reusable materials for upcycling (because we support green efforts!), but there are definitely items around your house that you should be tossing out immediately because, in reality, why are you keeping them around in the first place?

This list compiled by BuzzFeed is the perfect mix of waste disposal information and those it’s-funny-because-it’s-true points that we all know but hate to admit. Those old sneakers? Why do you need to keep them? Oh, and that copy of National Geographic Magazine from July ’08…are you really going to crack that thing open again? Get rid of it!

Step away from your computer, turn off your cell phone and focus your energy on throwing away all of the JUNK that is crowding your life. Oh, and also, old sponges are gross – making them #1 on this list.

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