23 Ways To Get Your DIY On With Re-Purposed Wood

Our Take

We now know there will be six more weeks of winter. That means 6 more weeks of being stuck indoors hiding from the cold. Picking a project to occupy your time will make it fly by and give you something to look forward to. The creation you have at the end to add to your home decor will just be an added bonus. With the list below of 23 ways you can repurpose wood you won’t run out of DIY ideas anytime soon. In fact winter could last six more months and you still wouldn’t be bored. Of course none of us want that to happen. We need to get to our outdoor DIY projects at some point.

Before you pick a project consider a few things. First, what is something that your house could actually use and wouldn’t just add to the clutter. Second you should consider the type of wood that you think you can get. Some of the projects use old pallets, which are never in short supply on websites like Craigslist. Other projects utilize old wood cuttings. These may be a little harder to find if you live in an urban area. Lastly think about your DIY skill level. Some of the ideas below require a little more reworking of the old wood then others. Most importantly pick something that you will enjoy. Have fun and forget that winter won’t be leaving us anytime soon.

The fun things about being a homeowner are never done either and I love that. Paint the kitchen, decorate the laundry room, create pallet headboards, etc. Architecture Art Design has some of the most creative DIY homeowners projects, 23 of them to be exact, and I know you’ll love each and every one. All of these DIYs involve wood.

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