25 Cool Indoor Dog Houses

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While it is wonderful for your dog to have a place to go lay down and relax when they are outside, it would be even better to have a place in your house for them. After all, your dog most likely spends much more time in the house then outside. Sure your dog can take a long nap on the couch, your bed or a dog bed in the corner, but wouldn’t they be happier in a little haven of their own? It would probably also make you happier too. Just imagine that you need a little extra space, you could put your dog in their little home where they will be happy and comfortable. It can also help save your couch and your comforter from destruction.  As the article below shows, an indoor dog house doesn’t have to be an eyesore. There are so many creative options out there that can blend into the decor of your home. First you just need to decide which room your dog would be happiest in. Then you can figure out how to blend the home into your existing furniture, or buy new furniture that it can be a part of. Make your dog a happy one this weekend with a new home inside your home!

I am looking for right decorations for our dog house, when I put some furniture, and changes I make did not leave nice place to house our dogs. I wanted a simple design but not an eyesore, I finally thought to look for dog crate ideas that can blend with the interiors and furnishings. I was prepared to find more attractive solution to this problem, I have put together some cool dog house from various sources internet and I hope you can find dog crate that fits your decor. I think dog house would look so cute with cool following ideas!

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