25 Great DIY Shelving Ideas

Shelving in your home can provide a number of different functions. Not only is it a great way to display some of your most prized possessions, shelves are also a great way to add interest to a wall or room. So why not take things a step further next time you need new shelving. Skip the boring out of the box shelves that you can buy at any store. They do not add anything interesting to your space, they are simply storage. Instead, be inspired by one of the 25 ideas in the article below to make shelving of your own. You may be able to do the whole project with items that you already have around your home. Or maybe you should visit a few thrift stores to find something “new” for your home. Whatever your taste, style or budget is there are a million ways to create functioning and interesting shelving for your home that will do much more then just display your treasured items.

If you’ve ever thought that you needed a place to put something, odds are that you have used a shelf. I love shelves, and there are so many great ideas for DIY shelving, to fit any style and budget. Wall shelves, bookshelves, floating shelves — they are all great at holding stuff. And everyone has stuff. Find a DIY shelf to fit your style (and your stuff) here!

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