28+ Creative & Inspiring Methods of Recycling Wooden Pallets Into Your Own Garden

Pallet projects are abound nowadays. Everywhere you look people are creating furniture, decorations and lawn items with old pallets that they find online. This recycling trend has led to an abundance of unique projects that you can do yourself with a little deconstruction and reconstruction. The article below gives you more then 28 additional ways that you can transform an old pallet into something useful for your home or yard. The hardest part of the project may be locating pallets. With all the project ideas being spread around social media, you may have a hard time getting pallets before they are snatched up by someone else. Check with stores, farms and online at site like Craigslist. Generally you can get the pallets for free or at least really cheap. The second hardest part of it all will be deciding which project to tackle first.

Imagine flower pots, tables, small vertical gardens, benches and even canopies realized out of beautiful simple wooden pallets all covered in beautiful plants and flowers. All you have to is to learn how to [ ] The post 28+ Creative&Inspiring Methods of Recycling Wooden Pallets Into Your Own …

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