3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Painting Projects

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Paint can be an easy way to bring new life to your home. Whether it’s the walls, cabinets or doors that need a fresh coat or color, it is a project anyone can tackle at a somewhat affordable cost. When you go to buy paint you may not think of it as affordable though. Generally costing $21 and up for a gallon of paint, depending on how many you need and what grade level paint your want, the cost can add up. Then there are all of the supplies you need to buy to complete the project. If you are a cost conscious home owner you might want to consider some of the tips in the article below to make your project fit within your budget. First you can check with your local paint store and see if they have any mistints that they are selling for a discount. These are cans of paint that may have been mixed wrong for other clients or returned. You cannot be as picky about your color when you go this route, but you can often get some very beautiful colors. Picking the right paint the first time will also save you money. Take the time to get a sample of the color and finish you are going to use, paint a large patch of the wall and see if you like it. Make sure the test patch is large enough to judge the color. Otherwise you have just wasted time and money. A final way you may also be able to save money is by doing a touch up instead of a whole repaint. Be honest in your evaluation of the project before you begin to determine if this will work for you. As with any home improvement project, don’t try to go too cheap or you may have to spend more money fixing it. But definitely be smart about where and how you spend your money.

Painting projects are a fantastic and easy way to update and refresh the look of your home. If you’re hoping to economize on your upcoming painting projects, here are some easy and painless ways to do it. Every store that sells paint has mistints — paints that the store mixed to a specific color for a customer, and then the customer either never picked them up, or returned them.

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