30 DIY Home Transformations

A home transformation doesn’t have to be the renovation of a whole room or even brand new furniture. Transformations can be small, easy projects around the home that all add up to a new look and feel from your home. Framing your bathroom mirrors, giving an old chair new life, or re-purposing old shutters as shelves. The best part about these transformations is that they can be done on a budget and sometimes they can even be done with items you already have around the house. The key is to think outside the box. Look at that chair in a new light, take that outdated hutch and turn it into a new shabby chic cabinet, or add texture to your walls with wood. Next time you are cleaning out your home, don’t throw everything in the dumpster. Take a closer look at the furniture you have and see if it is something you or someone else could transform.

All of the inspiration in the article below are projects that you can do yourself with different level of expertise. They key is to not overwhelm yourself with a project that is way above your ability. Just have fun and see where your creativity take you.

Before and Afters are the best!  I love everything about them; the oh so sad, before pictures, the in-between pictures, and then the WOW, the AFTER finally revealed after much ANTICIPATION!

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