31 Ways To Use Vinegar For Your Home, Garden & Car

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Over the last few years, we have all learned how versatile vinegar can be around the home. White vinegar isn’t just for dyeing Easter eggs and making poached eggs easier to cook. Vinegar can be used to clean almost ever inch of your home and car, and it can also be useful in the garden. Below are 31 ways that you can use vinegar in your life. From now on, you will be buying bottles of vinegar every month. Starting with your laundry, you can restore yellowed clothing and keep your sheets nice and bright by soaking them in vinegar before throwing them in the wash. In the bathroom vinegar can take care of almost everything. You can clean the tile in your shower, get the grim off the shower head, clean the toilet bowl and get rid of lime all with vinegar and a few other helpful items like baking soda. You can get the “recipe” specifics below. Moving into the kitchen, you can of course clean counter tops and your stove, but you can also brighten up your dull silverware and make it look like new. Then in your car you can use vinegar on your windshield to clean it and prevent frost, as well as to clean your leather upholstery. One place you have probably never thought to use vinegar is in the garden, but you can. Vinegar can be used to test the ph level of your soil and give those acid loving plants a bit of energy. Be careful, your mind may be blown when you realize how many different ways there are to use vinegar. It might even inspire you to get cleaning.

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