37 Ways to Give your Kitchen a Deep Clean

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The cold weather and winter snow have you stuck inside the house anyway, so why not do some deep cleaning to pass the time. It will make you feel productive and give you something better to do then watch a rerun of your favorite TV show for the tenth time. Your kitchen should be one of the cleanest places in your home. You prepare food in it everyday for your family. You wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant with a dirty kitchen, so why have one in your home. On the surface everything may look fine, but when is the last time you gave it a deep cleaning. There are probably things you have never cleaned. Below are 37 great tips to get you on your way to the cleanest kitchen you have ever cooked in. Get every nook and cranny of your stove and oven, make sure there is no dried food or bacteria living in your refrigerator, and take the bitterness out of your coffee. It is truly amazing what lemon, vinegar and baking soda can do. Once the kitchen is sparkling, take a minute to organize some of the commonly cluttered areas. Like your pantry, freezer or Tupperware cabinet. Following this tips will make you feel like you have a brand new kitchen in your home.

Scrub every inch of your kitchen starting with the oven. Combine a box of baking soda with water to form a paste. Fill any openings in the oven with foil. Avoiding bare metal surfaces and the oven door, spread it all over your oven then let it sit overnight. Use a plastic scraper or spatula to remove the paste, wetting as needed, then rinse with water.

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