40+ Pergola Designs Meant to Transform Your Backyard Landscaping Into a Green Heaven

Pergolas are the new black!

These designs are absolutely gorgeous; however, many of them look pretty elaborate, which could also mean costly. The good thing is that each design is meant to inspire your perfect outdoor heaven; maybe you don’t have the space for a large pergola like the one below (1st design featured in original post)…

…so you might want to consider something that better suits your space (see examples below – 6th and 9th designs in original post).
40+-Pergola-Designs-Meant-to-Transform-Your-Backyard-Landscaping-Into-a-Green-Heaven-homesthetics-4 40+-Pergola-Designs-Meant-to-Transform-Your-Backyard-Landscaping-Into-a-Green-Heaven-homesthetics-8
We especially liked the simpler design of number 7 (see right) for homeowners who have the space, but a very limited budget.

The backyard is where we relax, entertain guests and spend time with family, so naturally we should love the the surroundings. A pergola is a type of gazebo most commonly constructed of wood, with a framework covered in climbing plants (ie. vines). These archways have become extremely popular in the world of backyard landscape design and for good reason.

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