5 New Ways to Sell Old Furniture

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Spring cleaning means reexamining everything that you have in your home. Do you really want to clean that old chair or table one more time? If the answer is no, it may be time to get rid of it. Old furniture also has a knack for filling up attics, basements and garages as well. When you have finally made the decision to get rid of a piece of furniture,  you then need to decide what you are going to do with it. Furniture that is in really rough shape should probably be thrown out. If the piece still has some life in it consider donating it or you may be able to make a little extra cash from it. Remember, people love old furniture even if it isn’t in perfect condition. There are a lot of do it yourself enthusiasts out there that would love to find a piece they can refinish and make their one.  Most people turn to Craigslist first when they think about selling furniture, but that is not your only option. Below there are four more ideas to help you sell your old and unwanted furniture to get a little extra money in your pocket. One option you have probably never thought about it Etsy. The site isn’t just for crafts. It makes sense that crafters may want a new piece to get creative with. In some cities you can check out a site called Furnishly. The site is set up somewhat like a yard sale online. In other cities you can take a look at Move Loot, which doesn’t take any money to list your items. Each site has positives and negatives and almost every site collects some kind of fee. So do a little research before you list your old furniture and figure out which site is best for you. 

The next time you’re cleaning house and want to unload a couple of old pieces of furniture, don’t fret: A slew of 20th-century services make it easy to pass along old tables and chairs. And Craigslist isn’t your only online option—there are a range of new (and user-friendly) websites to choose from that require little more than snapping and uploading a photo.

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