5 Secrets to Yard Sale Success

Our Take

Summer is yard sale season. You can’t drive through your neighborhood on the weekend without seeing multiple signs directing you to the latest garage sale. So what is going to make yours different and successful?  You have put in all that time and effort to clean out your home and go through your belongings. The items that were saved from the trash and donation pile must hold some value or you would have already gotten rid of them. Since you have already put so much effort into the decluttering process, why not continue that effort to ensure that you have a successful yard sale. To start, don’t just think about the perfect price for an item, make sure it is properly displayed. Not everyone feels comfortable asking prices or striking up a conversation, so if prices aren’t well displayed you could lose out on sales. Another tip is to try and make your yard sale stand out by adding a little atmosphere. Why not have a little coffee station, play some good music or have an area where kids can be entertained while their parents look around. You don’t want to create a space where people never leave, but you do want to encourage people to stop, look around and not feel they have to rush off without buying anything. Find additional tips in the article below including getting neighbors to join in to create a larger community sale. The more items for sale, the more likely people are to show up and getting them to show up is half the battle.

As an eco-friendly cleaning expert, I may be one of the biggest fans of yard sales. But, yard sales are hard work and sometimes the effort you put into it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the amount of money you make. Give each group its own color-coded price tag–when the sale is over there will be no mistake how the money should be divided and who is responsible for items that didn’t sell.

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