5 Spring Cleaning Tasks You Don’t Want to Forget

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Spring may be welcoming us with snow, but don’t be fooled it is now that time of year when you get winter out of your house. Clear out the dust, dark and damp that winter brought into your home and turn it into a clean bright space full of light and color. We all know how to properly clean the house and we each have our own ideas about what spring cleaning should be. However there are some things that you probably never think about cleaning or remember to do. When was the last time you cleaned the dust off of your light bulbs? It makes your home much brighter without a bulb change. Do you ever wash your curtains or are they hanging there with years of dust? Hidden dust and allergens can be found in them. Take a little time to condition and clean your furniture so that it will last longer and look brand new. These ideas and more are all presented in the article below to make sure your spring cleaning is truly complete this year. It will only take a little extra effort and time, but it will make a world of different in getting winter out of your home.

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Emily at So Damn Domestic. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Whether you’re still buried in snow or already wearing tank tops, it’s That Time of Year. What time. Spring Cleaning time, of course. What Spring Cleaning Isn’t: Decluttering A lot of people think Spring [ ] Click here to keep reading on the blog —–> 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks You Don’t Want to Forget.

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