5 Steps to Maintain Your Attic

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The attic is an important part of your house to keep in good condition. It keeps your home warm in the winter, cold in the summer and dry all year long. Whether your attic is large and open or just a small crawl space, there is some basic maintenance that needs to be performed. If it has been a while since you’ve been up there, start with a visual inspection. Remember to take it slow and be safe on your way up. Some attics don’t have real floors in them. There could just be boards laid out to step on. You don’t want your maintenance plan to include repairing a hole in your ceiling. The article below highlights five things to keep in mind when doing your inspection of the attic. Regular maintenance of your attic will help prevent any major repairs in the future. It can also help your house be more energy efficient and ensure that you don’t have any mold growing up there without your knowledge. We all know the danger of mold in the house. So before winter sets in, crawl up in your attic and see if any work needs to be done.

The attic area of the home serves an important function to the home’s ability to keep warm or cool. Crawling into the attic space can be somewhat tricky. There is usually no flooring and there may be many wires and loose insulation. Your roof can also be affected by the condition of your attic. The insulation in the attic reduces the amount of moisture build-up in the attic space, which could negatively impact the roof with excess mold or mildew.

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