52 Simple Ways to Live a Greener Life

Our Take

We all know there are things we can do in our every day lives that would be better for the planet and ultimately us in the long run. How many people are actually doing these things though? Most of them don’t have to be complicated or hard, but people are not very good with change. You could shorten your shower by a couple of minutes, turn up your thermostat a few degrees in the summer, or buy Eco-friendly cleaning products. Simple and yet how many of these things have you done yourself? If we all made little changes over the next year, it could lead to a large environmental impact over time. To make it simpler on yourself just try to change one thing at a time. The article below has a list of 52 tips on how to be greener. Try choosing one a week and seeing how it goes. Even if you only make the change some of the time, it can still make an impact. Ideas included buying energy efficient appliances when yours need to be replaced, turn off your car instead of idling when you are waiting for someone, or replaceing your shower head with a new efficient model that uses less water, but still gets the job done. No one is asking you to dramatically change your life, just try making a few of these changes and do something good for everyone.

Going green all at once is too much for almost anyone to accomplish. Instead, try making just one new change or adding one new habit or resolve each week. You’ll be surprised at how it adds up after just a year. To get you started, here are 52 tips compiled from the P-I’s weekly "Living Green" coverage:

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