6 Home Projects That Are Easier Than You Think (And 10 That Aren’t)

Our Take

Most of the time when you are planning a home project you should plan more time, money and patience then you think.  Especially when you plan on doing the project yourself. Some projects may be easier then you think though. Below are suggestions of 6 things that you can DIY in your home to improve upon it or at least breath a little new life into it. Nothing brightens up the kitchen like a new backsplash. With all the tiling options that are available today, it is simple to put one in yourself. If you hate all the carpeting in your home you can install new wood floors. No, this won’t be a walk in the park but we bet it is going to be much easier then you think.

Some projects you should just leave to the pros. This article also highlights 10 projects that aren’t really as easy as you think they are going to be. For example large tree removal can be dangerous if not done by the pros. Or if your home project involves any structural changes you probably want to bring in a contractor to do the work. Safety is key when making big changes like these. So look around, see what changes you can make to your home and tackle what you can. Hire someone for what you can’t.

It never fails that the weekend DIY projects you expect to be a breeze end up costing you hours of frustration and disillusion and broken nails. (Remember that time you set aside some time to hang those IKEA shelves only to find out that your walls were actually made of brick?) Meanwhile, the …

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