7 Stress-Free Cleaning Tricks for Summer

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Cleaning is never a top priority during the summer. You want to be outside, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine before it is gone. Unfortunately, just because you are outside, it doesn’t mean your house isn’t getting dirty inside. Not to mention the summertime party fowls that seem to pop up. Like red wine stains and water rings. Having a few cleaning tricks up your sleeve can make the must do cleaning go faster, so that you have more time to do the things that are actually on your summer fun list. If you don’t have as much time to cook and your microwave is getting a little more use, clean it with lemon slices in a bowl full of water. This will help to eliminate any bad odors, like last night’s fish. Don’t forget about the bathroom that is getting a little overtime use as well, with all those guests coming and going. Cover up any bad odors with a few drops of essentials oils on the inside of your toilet paper roll. Trash sitting in the summer heat brings about its own set of odors to worry about. Baking soda can be a life saver for this dilemma. Moving away from pleasant summer odors, when a guest spills red wine on your chair, don’t get angry. Instead grab some rubbing alcohol and a clean sponge. For more details on these cleaning tips along with a few more to help you get through the summer with a clean home, that smells delicious, keep reading the article below.

Between vacation schedules, sporting events and kids being home, it’s not only hard to truly savor the season, but it is hard to just manage the day-to-day chaos and mess. If you are finding it difficult to keep your house clean while still enjoying days of summer fun, try these 7 quick cleaning tricks: Get Rid of Chair Stains with Alcohol Many chairs are now made with microfiber upholstery making it a challenge to clean.

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