7 Ways to Go Big in Small Bathroom Design

Our Take

Many people dream of having a large master bathroom with double sinks, a large soaking tub and beautiful shower. This can’t always be the case though. Some times there just isn’t the space available to have this type of design. You can still have a beautiful and functional bathroom even if you are tight on space. The article below highlights seven ways that can improve on the design of a small bathroom. You need to start by choosing the right paint color for the space. Small spaces need to be kept bright and open, so trying a lighter color is always smart. As in any small space, you need to get rid of the clutter. Only keep in the space what you need to use on a regular bases and make sure everything has its own storage space. Find hidden areas for storage around the room as well, so that you don’t have to fill the space with storage furniture. That same space can be put to better use. You should also keep all the elements that you do install in the space small or at least of appropriate size. Over sized items will take up too much space and make the room feel small. Don’t overlook the potential of small bathroom, if could still be the one of your dreams.

While your bathroom should have the essentials, sometimes you add pieces that don’t make sense. It could be the additional towel racks, an extra large shelf, too many trinkets on the countertop—you never know where the clutter is going to pile up. So to cut down on how cramped your small bathroom feels, de-clutter. If you have a particularly narrow small bathroom, you’re already running out of floor space.

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