7 Wood Paneling Decorating Ideas

You have finally bought that dream home, but there is one little problem, 70’s wood paneling in the basement. You don’t want to go through the hassle of removing the paneling, but it is ruining the vision you had for your dream home. There are a number of different options to decorate and cover the wood paneling so that it is an eye sore no more. Painting is of course one option, but need to make sure you go through all of the right steps. If you just throw some paint on the wood, the paneling may look worse then when you started. Wall papering is another great option, but again it does require some preparation. Do your research on the correct process before you begin. You can fill in or stripe the groves to give the paneling a completely different look. No one will even know the paneling is there. There is also a technique called brown bagging that is an option. With so many options avaliable to you, you won’t have to live with that ugly wood paneling for long.

Wood paneling can make a room feel darker and outdated. The obvious question is, why not remove the paneling? The answer is that you never know what the condition of the wall is underneath or the damage that might be done in removing it. The problem can be solved with some decorating ideas that will change the wall or distract the eye from it.


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