A Different Side of the Super Bowl

It’s a couple days before the Super Bowl so now is the time when most people are planning their menu, buying decorations and gathering seating so that everyone has a great view of the commercials, I mean the game. We thought we would find some interesting articles to share that you probably aren’t already seeing on Pinterest or Facebook. For example you may be gathering chairs but have you considered where each personality type should sit for the ideal Super Bowl Party? Technology has been changing Super Bowl parties leaps and bounds over the last 10 to 15 years, so what will that mean for 2025. Just think of what the ultimate Super Bowl party will look like then. Finally, most people think about how to get everyone to fit in their own home for the big bash, while others rent a large home to host everyone in. This might be something you want to consider. So take a minute from the pizza dip and think about the Super Bowl in a different way.

Your 2015 Super Bowl Party Seating Chart

Well, we’re less than a week away to the big day. By now, you probably have accepted an invite to a Super Bowl party, or maybe you’re even hosting one yourself. Regardless of where you’ll be, you can be 100% certain that every single one of these people will be present as well.

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What Your Super Bowl Party Will Look Like in 2025

We’ve heard it time and time again: The home is changing. Soon, it will be easy to have your smart refrigerator order new groceries when it senses you’re low on milk, and for your garage door to send a message to your TV when you accidentally leave it open.

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Renting Out Homes for Super Bowl Can Bring Big Bucks

Hundreds of people gather each year to hobnob with A-list celebrities at a charity bash in the Super Bowl’s host city. But instead of sending this year’s guests to a trendy nightclub or swanky restaurant, organizers are throwing the party at a private home. She said home rentals are attractive for big groups.

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