A Dumpster at Every Job

If you’ve never rented a dumpster before, you might wonder whether you really need one. After all, dumpster rentals aren’t free, and as a homeowner, your budget might be very tight. Is it really worth it to get a dumpster? When do you need one?

Certain kinds of projects naturally call for a dumpster. The most common type of project is anything having to do with construction. If walls are being added or moved, or any kind of major work is going on (whether it be renovation, demolition, repair, and so forth), chances are there is going to be a whole lot of waste.

As a do it yourselfer you don’t want to have to haul that waste bag by bag to the curb. And if you are contracting someone to do the work, you sure don’t want to trust that they will do all the clean up themselves. That is almost never included.

Other types of projects also call for dumpsters. Cleanup after any kind of flood, fire or disaster; major landscaping or yard work projects, and spring cleaning are a few of the most common. There is also a large demand for dumpsters from families who are about to move, so they can pare down their belongings before they go.

There are many dumpster rental Maryland options. In reality, any project that produces a large volume of waste – even if it’s not normally what you’d think of as “garbage” – is going to go a lot smoother with a dumpster.

The other thing to think about is regulations. In Maryland like anywhere else there are numerous local laws regulating what can be thrown away and how. If you put all of your waste into a bunch of construction bags and put them with the trash bins, are you sure you know you’ve handled everything exactly right? When you rent a roll off dumpster the rental company will know your local rules. They can work with you to get you exactly what you need.

Renting a dumpster may seem like a small detail in a large project, but it’s often the details that determine whether you succeed or fail. You can manage a home renovation project without a dumpster, but you may have problems getting rid of the debris or might get fined a lot more than the cost of a dumpster. I like to play it safe and have the dumpster waiting at every job.

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