A Glimpse into Interior Painting Costs for 2016

Our Take

All that spring cleaning didn’t make your home sparkle like it use to. Or maybe your kids have taken crayons to the walls a few to many times. It could be that your home is just stuck in the wrong decade and needs a decor update. Whatever the reason, you may want to consider bringing new life to your home through a fresh coat of paint. The colors don’t have to be anything trendy, but a coat of pain can do wonders to inspire out dated decor or brighten up a space that just feels to dark and closed in. Depending on how large the paint job is, you may want to try and DIY the project. Although if it is going to involve a large amount of that dreaded taping and cutting in, you may prefer to leave it to the pros. Budget is of course always a concern when taking on a project for your home. Before you start making any major decisions, read below to get a sense of what it might cost you to hire a painter in 2016. Some painters may charge by the room, while others will charge by the square foot. If you currently have wall paper up, don’t forget that either you or the painter will have to take it down. No more painting over wall paper. Having trim and doors painted can also be priced out separately depending on the company. The key is to know what a fair price is, what questions you should be asking and what you should compare between companies. Don’t go with the first quote and don’t get discouraged if it is high. Ask around and you will find the painter that is going to bring new life to your house.

One of the quickest and inexpensive ways to update the look of your entire apartment is to give it a fresh coat of paint. New paint can produce dramatic results, taking your home from drab to glam. This is a fairly quick and easy project that you can either do yourself or hire a contractor. So how much will it cost?

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