A Guide to Proper Attic Insulation

As we head into the colder weather, you want to make sure your home is energy efficient and stays warm all winter long. One place that you want to check for any leaks or issues if your attic. As we all know, heat rises and you don’t want all the heat that you are paying for to rise right out of your house through your attic. It isn’t just about filling your attic with insulation though. You need to know the proper places to install the insulation and how to do it to ensure the insulation is doing the job it is meant to. Steps like vapor barrier and multiple layers of insulation all play an important role in the installation project. You also have to consider vents and eaves in your home. There are different type of insulation as well that you need to be aware of. The article below will help get you started on the right path to proper attic insulation. If you have more questions or run into any issues don’t take changes, contact a professional to help.

Although installing insulation in an unheated attic is usually a fairly straightforward job, a variety of pitfalls await the unwary. So, with cold weather approaching in most parts of the country, we present this Chamber of Horrors of attic insulation mistakes, maladies, and oversights. Look it over, and then pay a critical visit to your own attic—if you dare.


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