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A Properly Ventilated Attic Is Key to Roof Maintenance

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It doesn’t matter the time of year, proper attic ventilation is an important part of your home maintenance.  Your attic should have two different kinds of vents in it. One is the intake vent, which allows cool air to enter the attic. The other is the hot air exhaust vents, which as the name indicates, lets hot air escape. If your attic is not equipped with these types of vents and you want to put them in yourself, there are some general rules you have to know. You also need to research building codes in your area to make sure you are following them correctly.  The general rule is 1 sq ft of vent for every 300 sq ft of attic floor that you have. The how to of installing both types of vents can be found in the article below. It will help you with placement and choosing the right type of vent for your attic. Have a finished attic? You can still vent it, you will just use a different kind of vent. In this case you will use rafter vents that won’t effect the look of your attic, but will still allow fresh air to flow through. Using this natural system of vents in your attic with help with temperature control in your home, as well as protect your roof from emergency roof repair.

At first glance, it can seem counter-intuitive: You insulate your home to reduce temperature fluctuations and save on utility bills, but then you allow fresh air to flow through the attic no matter the time of year. The science behind attic ventilation, however, is sound. Sealed attics trap excessive heat and moisture, which can lead to reduced shingle life.

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