A Sustainable “Case Study” House in California

One of the great things about being an architect is getting to design the perfect home for you and your family. Every little wish and desire can be incorporated without having to explain your wants and needs to someone else. For architect Ben Burkhalter, this mean creating a sustainable house. The project was a bit of an experiment for him. Not only did he want to create an unbelievable place to live for his family, he also wanted to prove that sustainable living can be obtained by most people. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Green living can happen in homes around the country, every day, at an affordable price. Burkhalter is happy with his results and the work he did. Not only it is sustainable, it is also beautiful. A comfortable home that his family can cherish throughout the rest of their lives.

A Sustainable “Case Study” House in California William Lamb A Southern California architect approaches his family home as an experiment in sustainable design. When architect Ben Burkhalter set about designing a new house for his family, he decided to approach the task as an experiment of sorts. …

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