Add Architectural Detail to Your Home

Paint, shelving, and art are just some of the ways you can add interest to the bare walls in your home. If you want to take it a step further and create a whole new look in your home consider adding one of the many architectural detail options available. These can transform your home into another period, elevate the sophistication of a room or just break up an uninteresting space. Some of your options include baseboard which sits where your wall meets the floor, chair rails which generally sit at the height of a chair, and wainscoting which is usually topped by a chair rail.  These are some of the most common used wall details. Some of the additional options include wall frames, plate rails and picture rails. When making your choices, make sure that you edit yourself. You do not want to overdo it. An over decorated wall is just as bad as a boring wall. The article below will help guide you and get you started on adding interest to your walls.

Creating walls and ceilings that elicit oohs of appreciation from guests isn’t as hard as it seems. Include a bit of trim and other forms of architectural detail in your rooms and you’re well on your way to earning major style points.

Adding architectural detail to the interior of your home isn’t a tidy topic that can be fully addressed in a single blog post—entire books are written on it! But to get you inspired, I’ll give you an overview of some of the basic ways you can enhance the look of your home with trimwork. And if what you read here sparks some specific questions, post a comment below and I’ll respond. I’ve spent a lot of time writing on this topic, so I’m happy to put some of that knowledge to good use!

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