Add Interest and Style to Your Home with a Little DIY

Is your home lacking the character and details that you always wanted in a house? Or maybe your front yard is lacking some defining design that will help to complete your house and curb appeal. Transform your home into the home of your dreams one DIY project at a time. Get inspired to add wainscoting or frame in your walls. Trim work can completely transform a room and while it isn’t the simplest DIY work, you can tackle it with some patients and well put together plans. Fall is the perfect time to get outside to transform your front walkway into something well defined and beautiful. Be inspired below to create a beautiful pathway to the entrance of your home that will give guests a first impression that you always dreamed about. Roll up those sleeves and let the DIY work begin that will transform you home from boring and basic to beautiful and unique.

Adding Architectural Details to Your Home

Paint, shelving, and art are just some of the ways you can add interest to the bare walls in your home. If you want to take it a step further and create a whole new look in your home consider adding one of the many architectural detail options available. These can transform your home into another period, elevate the sophistication of a room or just break up an uninteresting space.

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30 DIY Home Transformations

A home transformation doesn’t have to be the renovation of a whole room or even brand new furniture. Transformations can be small, easy projects around the home that all add up to a new look and feel from your home. Framing your bathroom mirrors, giving an old chair new life, or re-purposing old shutters as shelves. The best part about these transformations is that they can be done on a budget and sometimes they can even be done with items you already have around the house.

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Creating the Right Path: 15 Beautiful Walkway Designs

The pathway to your front door sets the tone for your entire home and how people feel when walking into it. Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone forms a first opinion that sticks with them. By creating a beautiful front walkway that fits the style of your home, your guest’s first impressions will be ones of awe and delight. Creating a beautiful walkway is something that you can do yourself without spending too much money depending on the decisions you make.

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