Admirals join Habitat for ‘un-builds,’ to prevent reusable features from ending up in dumpster

Our Take

Generally when people think about Habitat for Humanity, they think about all of the homes that they build for people in need. Now they are also working on tearing homes down. There can be money in the pieces and parts that are pulled from a home during demolition. This is a lesson that everyone can learn from, when doing demo on their own home. Before you start your demolition and/or as you are pulling your home apart, keep your eyes open for items that you can either reuse, that you can sell for scrape or that you can sell for someone else to use. The older your home is the more likely you will have building materials and scraps that you or someone else might want. For example, if you are pulling apart a kitchen that has decorative tile that just isn’t your taste, you can try selling it. Or maybe you have old original lead windows that are not efficient in your home. That doesn’t mean they are worthless. Some people want original windows in their home for the design aspect and they don’t care as much about efficiency. Doors are another item that are great to salvage from your renovation or sell to someone else. Old doors are a prize for many people that DIY. So before you start tearing your home apart and throwing everything in the dumpster, think about what you can save first. Yes, there is additional effort involved, but it can all pay off in the end.

MILWAUKEE – Habitat for Humanity is probably best known for building homes – not tearing them down. But a division of the non-profit organization is picking apart homes to prevent reusable features from ending up in the landfill – and they had help from the Milwaukee Admirals. There’s a big different between demolition and deconstruction.

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