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Attic Clean Out Inspiration

You know you need to clean out that attic, but you just can’t get yourself to do it. After all, it’s probably filled with cobwebs, dust and old items that haven’t been touched in years. There could also be treasurers up there though and just think of all the space that your old memories (and let’s face it junk) are occupying, that you could use for other things. Let the articles below be inspiration for you to rent a dumpster and spend a weekend cleaning out your attic. Maybe those hidden treasure will bring you a sizable pay day. Or you could build yourself that office, man cave or personal space that you have always wanted to have. An attic can be much more then a dirty storage space in your home. Give it a chance this weekend.

Winter Organization: Revamping your Attic or Basement

Each space within a home has a designated purpose; however over the years certain rooms can just large closets. It’s nice to have spaces to help store miscellaneous items like old family clothes and furniture, but wouldn’t you rather prefer bringing out the most of those spaces. The attic and basement can become two of the most forgotten areas within the home because they are not as frequently used as other areas.

10 Accidental Discoveries Worth Millions: What’s Hiding in Your Attic?

Rare coins, gold bars, valuable paintings and even a civil war sword: You don’t have to be a professional treasure hunter to make some interesting finds. Here are some examples of treasures discovered by ordinary people. What could you find. The post 10 Accidental Discoveries Worth Millions: What’s Hiding in Your Attic.

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An Architect’s Attic Apartment with Custom Furniture

If you spend your life ensuring that other people have beautiful places to live and timeless building where they can thrive, it can be difficult to find the time to make your own space what you really want it to be. For architect Dimitar Karanikolov from firm Meshroom and interior designer Veneta Niklova, it was [ ].

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