Avoiding Extra Trash Dumpster Fees

One of the bigger concerns customers have with renting a trash dumpster is avoiding the extra fees when they order their dumpster or have it hauled off.

Most demolitions contractors or construction workers have plenty of horror stories about getting quoted one price and then paying far more once the dumpster is actually hauled away at the end of the job, and they are often more than willing to share those stories at great length. This is because far too many people have been burned by hidden fees or making simple mistakes that can add substantial expenses to the final bill, leaving plenty of discontent customers in the wake.

However it is possible to avoid the dumpster rentals Maryland residents have problems with by doing your research and avoiding making any careless mistakes. The first step is to learn what fees are usually hidden, and what keywords to look for when researching the websites of various companies.

You can avoid a lot of hassle by choosing a dumpster rental agency that has a truth in pricing policy or honest fee structure, often proudly advertised on the webpage. If you don’t see anything that says that simply ask the customer service representative you need to speak with to get a price quote. Ask the representative if they charge you extra for gas or mileage.

Make sure they don’t have additional charges for having less waste than the capacity of the dumpster, or for having them haul off a single heavy object instead of a loose load. Environmental fees can also apply, make sure that those are clearly established in advance.

It is also important to avoid making common mistakes. If your dumpster is filled with waste higher than the rim when the driver comes to haul it away they may make you remove items until the top is level, and then assess you extra charges for the hassle. Weight limits catch up a lot of people, particularly considering how difficult it is to weigh a dumpster on site. Be careful if you are using the dumpster for very dense materials in order to avoid going over the limit. Lastly, don’t order the dumpster rental at the last minute.

Assessing extra fees for rush orders is one common way that companies squeeze a few extra dollars out of their customers. If you are careful when you order and conscious of the limitations when you fill the dumpster you can save your company a small fortune in extra charges.

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