Eliminate Trash Odor

Battle Trash Can Odor

When you think about everything that gets thrown in your kitchen’s garbage can, it is no wonder that it smells. Old food that was forgotten in the fridge, leftover fish from last night, maybe even used kitty litter. Truly it is a wonder that is doesn’t smell more. Even if you take your trash out often, it doesn’t guarantee that a smell won’t build up in your trash can. Especially during the summer months, when the heat isn’t doing anything to help. So what can you do about it?  Here are a few ideas to make your kitchen and home trash odor free.

Before you use any of the odor eliminating methods below, we recommend that you wash out your trash can with soap and water. Starting with a clean slate will help you fend off the first signs of odor.

Baking soda has an endless number of uses and now you can add one more to your list. Sprinkle some in the bottom of you trash can before you put your bag in. You can use anywhere between 1/4 c to a whole cup depending on the size of your trash can and the level of smell that is coming from your garbage. Bleach is another option, but then you have to deal with the smell of bleach. Which is not always pleasant. If you want to actually clean your trash can, the bleach is a great idea though when diluted with water.  You want about 1/4 cup of bleach to 2 gallons of warm water.

Kitty litter isn’t just for your cat any more. The stuff is made to absorb odor from your cat’s daily business, so it makes sense that it would also work to absorb odor from your trash. Not only will the liter absorb odors, it will also absorb moisture that can create odors in the future. The litter will last longer than the baking soda as well. You can leave it in the bottom of your trash can for a week or so, before it gets too moist. Once the moisture builds up, it is time to change out the litter.

Charcoal is another odor absorber that you can try in your trash can. However it can be a little bit of a messier one. Other common household items that act as odor absorbers include vinegar and used tea bags. If you just want to mask the odor, which we don’t recommend, try coffee grounds, citrus peals, or vanilla or mint extract.

You can also combat odors by treating your trash differently when you throw it out. For example, if you have some really smelly items, place them in a small bag and take it outside before you go to bed. That way the odors don’t get a chance to build up in the trash. You can also wrap smelly or liquid type items in newspaper before throwing them out so that you don’t get leaks and moisture in the bottom of your trash can. Cardboard egg cartons also work well in absorbing the moisture.

All the measures listed above are simple, which means you no longer have an excuse for a smelly kitchen trash can. Just think of the fresh air that you will be able to start enjoying while cooking dinner.

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