Beautiful Pallet Project Ideas To Inspire you for the Next 5 Years

Our Take

You may have seen enough DIY pallet ideas to fill your home and your lifetime. Worse yet, you may not be able to find pallets anymore for all of the projects on your list. They use to be free everywhere, you could find them on the curb or listed on Craigslist. Now you may have to spend a little to pick up a few. When you see all the cute things you can make with pallets, it is worth the few bucks though. In case you’ve been asleep through the pallet craft revolution or if you just haven’t found the right idea for you, take a look below. There are 101 beautiful ideas that you can make for your home with pallets. You are bound to find something you want to tackle or enough ideas to fill the next five years of DIY. The projects range from small wall art to larger pieces of furniture. In some cases you can build multiple projects from just one pallet. Some of our favorite ideas include the headboard with a personalized rope design, the tool organizer, potting tables and swings. There is even an entire tool shed made of pallets. If you plan to build furniture or structures make sure you pick up pallets that are in good condition. You don’t want any rotting or weak boards in projects that need to bare weight. Once you find those elusive pallets, have fun, get creative and see if you can come up with an idea that isn’t already on this list.

Wooden pallets are the topic of today’s chosen article, here to make a stand for their raw beauty and incredible versatility around the household. Their usefulness cannot be contested and their raw texture and shape serves as the perfect base for a multitude of delicate, bold and powerful projects alike.


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