Before & After: A Not So Pretty In Pink Bathroom

When buying a house compromises have to be made sometimes in order to stay on budget, live in the area you hope or get the size house you want. One of those compromises could be an outdated bathroom that doesn’t match your expectations. There was a period of time when pink and mauve were popular for example. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done and how much you can do yourself the budget of the project will vary.

The best place to start when transitioning from an out of date bathroom to a new modern one is figuring out what can stay and what has to go. If you are planning on discarding drywall, the bathtub or the sink you should consider renting a construction dumpster for the demo part of the project. You can do most demo yourself which will save you money. Just get a few friends to help carry the heavy items to your construction dumpster.

Next pick out your new color pallet because this will affect not only your paint choices, but also your counter top and tile. Plumbing is a big part of a bathroom renovations. If you can leave plumbing where it is, it will save you a lot of money in labor. Installation of cabinets that are already made, and well as counter tops and sinks are all things that can be done by you.  Look for unique items like they did in the pink bathroom below. Items can be retrofired to meet your needs.

Overall it should be a fun project to do. This pretty in pink bathroom was able to renovate this completely out of date bathroom for just $3,500.

When you buy a house with a pink, mauve, salmon and coral bathroom, it might be time to renovate. Some people like that kind of thing, but Katie isn’t one of them. She and her husband tore out the carpet the day they moved in. Soon after that, they made a plan and got to work on the rest of the …

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