Beneficial Bugs For your Garden

Along with the sunshine, warm weather and beautiful flowers that spring brings, comes the bugs as well. Many people don’t like bugs, think they are gross or dirty or they are even scared of them. However, many bugs can be beneficial as well if we just let them.  It’s true that there are some bugs that want to destroy your plants, but you don’t have to turn to pesticides to get rid of them. The answer can be more bugs, but of the beneficial kind.  If you have a pest problem, first turn to those bugs that enjoy feeding on the pests. Avoiding pesticides in your garden can result in benefits throughout your entire life. Don’t know all the ways that bugs can help your garden grow? Keep reading below for information on what bugs you want to keep around and how to attract those bugs that can help your garden and landscaping.

The benefits of bugs

While “benefits” and “bugs” seem like antonyms, certain insects actually help organic gardens be healthier. “Beneficial insect is a term applied to insects that have a positive role in the garden,” said Candace Simpson, a University of California Extension master gardener. “Some (bugs) are pollinators of plants; others are predators or parasites of pest insects.

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How to Attract Beneficial Bugs

Some bugs eat our crops, but fortunately, there are other bugs that eat those plant-eating bugs. The trick is to make your garden appeal to them. Just like in the world of mammals, in the insect world, there are plant-eaters and there are animal-eaters. Those species that are referred to as beneficial insects, though they may be cute (like ladybugs), are those with carnivorous tendencies.

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Beneficial Insects 101

Danger lurks in a backyard garden. Aphids, cutworms, mealybugs and other pests are preying on your vegetables and flowers. Who’s an organic gardener going to turn to for help? Forget nasty, expensive chemicals, enlist the aid of “good bugs” that will battle and help control pest outbreaks and won’t even ask for a thank you, let alone a pay check.

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