Building a Fence- What you Need to Know

Whether you are trying to give your property line definition, keep a pet in your yard, or keep critters out of your garden, a fence can perform many functions. While building a fence is not easy work, it is definitely something you can do on your own. First there are some things you need to know, then there are decisions you need to make. There are a number of fencing styles and materials for you to choose from so you need to decide the look that you are trying to achieve and what the main function of the fence is. The articles below will help you get started and see some of the options avaliable to you.

Post Holes & Happy Dances

However, if you’ve ever hauled thirty fence posts, seven-hundred pounds of concrete, and topped it all off with a couple of hours using a sawsall in one weekend, you know that sudden or grandiose movements with any part of your body are damn near impossible. Ha ha.) In my defense, I did put in a shit-load of fence last year, but I couldn’t get to this financially or logistically before we were buried under fifty feet of snow.

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Explore various options for fencing your yard

If you plan to build a fence, it’s no surprise you will need materials, but the one thing you should have before you even think of buying lumber or pulling out a hammer is a notepad. “Put your thoughts on paper before you even do anything else,” Ron Knorr told customers at a fence-building …

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10 Things to Know Before you Build a Fence

Before you install a fence, ask yourself what your reason is for installing it. If it’s strictly utilitarian — keeping the dog in the yard — you can probably get by with a basic chain-link fence. If you’re looking to block noise or add privacy, you will want something tall and solid. Chances are your wishes are complex: You want to protect pets, but you also want to add a decorative element to your home’s exterior. Whatever its purpose, a fence can function in many ways, but the first step is deciding what you’re looking for to choose one that works for you.

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