Calling All Holiday-Cleaning Procrastinators

Our Take

You may think it is way to early to start getting your home ready for the holidays, but now is when you have the time to do it, so don’t procrastinate.  Start your cleaning process with a basic decluttering. It will be much easier to clean when you have less things in your house. Plus your home will automatically look cleaner if everything has it’s place. Next, start with some of those areas that don’t regularly get cleaned, like your walls. Taking time to deep clean now, will mean you can just do quick spot cleaning around the holidays. The kitchen is a room that generally sees a lot of action throughout the holiday season. Clean all of your appliances, condition any counter tops that need it, and clean out your fridge. This includes wiping it all down to remove that old BBQ sauce that has been stuck on the door all year. You should also spend some time getting your guest room ready. Clean under the bed, fluff the pillows and organize the small little touches like towels and magazines that will make your guests more comfortable. In the living room you should focus on the carpet and spot clean any stains that may be lingering. When you take a moment to make a list, you will realize there are plenty of things that need to be cleaned around your home that can be crossed off now. Don’t procrastinate this year and enjoy the holiday season more.

When it comes to the holidays, it can be overwhelming to prepare your house for all those wonderful guests and parties. From the basics to the deep-clean, here is a guide to get you through the season. And, if you’re still looking for ways to put off today what could be just swept under the rug tomorrow, take a minute to find out if you clean like Mama.

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