Cleaning out and Organizing Important Papers

In an age where most of our files and important pieces of information are stored digitally, it is easy to forget about all of your important paper work. These are things that you need to hang onto for moths, years and even a lifetime, mostly for government purposes. However you don’t want to hang onto anything you don’t need to. Start by going through and figuring out you need to keep and what you can get rid of, then create a storage system in your office so that everything has its place. There are a number of options available for storage ranging from stylish cardboard boxes to fireproof safes. The important thing is that everything has its proper place and that you hold onto it for the required amount of time.

Jul 15, Office Storage Boxes | Office Organization Ideas

Using office storage boxes is one of my favorite office organization ideas. Below you’ll find a list of benefits to this organizing strategy, the items I store in my office boxes and storage box options to choose from. Here’s why: As you can see in the photo above, I use my decorative storage boxes to hold the following items on the shelves above my desk and also on the bookcase in my office.

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The Safeest Way to Store Important Papers

The scenario: You’ve got a mountain of paperwork — paid bills, receipts, old tax returns — sitting on your desk and you’re tired of looking at it. The solution: Sort out the must-keeps into three places — a lockable file cabinet, long-term storage, and an emergency kit.

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Office Organization: Shelves within Shelves

Inside my actual house. I’d been thinking of building some kind of wall organizer (like this) for some time, but I realized I have two perfectly good wire shelves here, and I couldn’t think of a good reason not to use these as the base for some additional organization. Cut one piece from a 10″ wide board, then cut a second piece that I ripped down on the table saw to make two additional 5″ wide boards.

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Organizing your Important Documents

New Year’s is behind us and tax season is here. As you gather all the necessary documents for your taxes, why not take the extra steps to get your files organized? Look at it as a late New Year’s resolution!   The task can seem overwhelming at first, but you will feel so much better once it’s done—trust us. The main reason why people don’t have their files organized is because they don’t know what to keep and for how long. After you finish reading, you won’t be able to use that excuse anymore!

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