Complete Fall Cleanup

The changing leaves bring so much beauty to the fall and make every drive a treat. They also unfortunately bring with them a large amount of extra yard work. There are a number of different ways to get rid of these beauties as they slowly crumple up in your yard, but it isn’t the only fall cleanup that you need to be done. Every perennial needs to be taken care of differently in the fall so you may have to do a little research about the plants in your yard. You should consider leaving any plants that are wildlife friendly though, as a way to help the little critters through the fall. If any of the plants in your yard are dead or dying, get rid of those first. You don’t want them to effect the other healthy plants in the area. Beyond your plants, aerating your lawn is another good idea to create a healthier yard in the spring. You can rent an aerator at most local hardware stores and accomplish the task in less then a day. When it comes to yard work, weeding is always a part of it. You thought you didn’t have to weed again until next year, but you were wrong. Get out there and do it one last time for a better looking landscape in the spring. These fall lawn care tasks only scratch the surface of what you could accomplish this weekend. Let the articles below be your guide to complete fall cleanup.

7 Fall Cleanup Tasks you Shouldn’t Skip

AN ADVANTAGE to having 30 years of fall garden cleanups behind me: I’ve learned what really counts–the sort of “or else” tasks for fall. My friend and garden-writer colleague Ken Druse is similarly qualified, and was my guest on radio this week to talk strategy for putting the garden to bed. Our combined tips of tasks you shouldn’t skip (with our permission to skip the rest!):

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10 Fall Cleanup Tips

This summer has been hot and dry. You may have had it with your lawn. It’s natural. After summer winds down, the tendency is to put lawn care on the back burner until spring blooms anew. But by taking time to put your yard and landscape “to bed” in fall, your lawn will reap the rewards. Give your lawn a healthy start next spring by managing these 10 fall tasks.

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Tips and Tricks that Make Fall Cleanup Easy

Last winter might not be done with us yet. Spring rains over melted snow, bolstered by ample sunshine, helped trees grow especially lush this past summer. And like death and taxes, you can count on those leaves falling. If you’re flirting with the idea of letting nature take its course and enjoying a carpet of leaves all autumn, don’t. Come spring you’ll have an anemic lawn, thanks to the mold buildup. Ah, the joys of the four seasons.

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