Contractors: Going Above and Beyond

If you work as a contractor you need every competitive advantage you can get. In the current economic climate, less people are building new houses and many existing homeowners are holding off on investing money into their current home. People are in a “watch and wait” mode. You’ve felt this in your business. It means less customers, and higher expectations for value from the customers that are out there. How do you make sure you’re the one they choose?

The strategy that always works best is to deliver above and beyond service. Homeowners often dread dealing with contractors. You can be the one who breaks that expectation and makes it pleasant for them. It can be truly intimidating to hire someone to come in and work on your home: the customer is opening their most expensive investment, and their most personal space to you. To many people the home is an extension of who they are.

Whatever they’re paying you will seem like a very significant amount of money to them, and you want to respect that. If you can make the experience a happy one for them, you will have a repeat customer for life. Not only that, but they will tell their friends who great you are – and that means more business for you.

So how can you go above and beyond? One easy step is to provide a construction dumpster included in your price. Homeowners don’t want to deal with trash collection construction procedures. If you suggest they book one their own they might not take your recommendation seriously. But they will take it very seriously if they see you stacking up garbage on their property. Even though waste is an inevitable part of a construction project, they won’t want to see it piling up.

If you rent the dumpster yourself you can sidestep this whole issue. Dumpsters may seem intimidating to them: they’ve never booked one before, don’t know where to start, aren’t sure what size to get, etc. If you make these arrangements for them it just makes their life easier.

And it’s that kind of service that gets you remembered as the one who made their project stress-free. Don’t risk losing the next job to somebody else – offer an all-inclusive service that pampers the customer and takes the burden off of their shoulders.

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