Creative Mudrooms to Keep the Mess Contained

When things finally start to thaw and the rain begins to fall, there will be mud everywhere. Not just outside but throughout your house. A lot of people dream of having the perfect mudroom that collects all of the dirty shoes, coats and bags and stores them in an organized way. This is a luxury room that not everyone can fit in their home, but if you can you want to get it right.

We have all seen the storage cubbies and hooks that are designated for each member of your family, but what about all of the other things that you should be including in the space to make life easier. The articles below may help spark some ideas that you haven’t thought about before. This includes the type of flooring that you want to consider for the space. Since the room will be filled with water and mud, you want to make sure the surface you choose for the floor can withstand it all. Have you ever seen a sink in a mudroom? It would be a great addition to clean that stubborn mud off of shoes and clothes. If you are going to embark on a mudroom, make sure you get it right.

Mudrooms That Really Clean Up (22 photos)

When we asked people to share their best mudrooms, we were surprised by the outpouring of love for a room whose most important function is storing and organizing boots, coats, gloves – basically, the things we shed as soon as we enter the house. Readers and design pros offered their ideas for making.

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Good Flooring Choices for Mudrooms

Durability and ease of care top the list of beneficial traits for mudroom flooring. Dirt tracked in from outdoors is a given, so the ideal flooring is easy to wash or clean while still suiting the style of your home’s decor. Ceramic, stone and laminate flooring are several options that stand up to a lot of abuse without looking out of place in your home.

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20 Ways to Master Your Mudroom

Every home needs a spot where you can corral clutter and drop off your coat, bags, and muddy shoes. Take a cue from these versatile mudrooms to create your own. Tuck muddy shoes and toys out of the way to keep your workstation neat and tidy. Remember to label storage bins to find items easily.

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