Dallas is Calling for Local Artists to Deck Out Their Dumpsters

Our Take

Dumpsters don’t have to be ugly and rusty. We paint ours bright orange, keep them clean and make trash disposal a pleasant experience.  The city of Dallas’ Sanitation Department is taking it one step further. They are supporting local artists, while bringing new life to dumpsters around the city.  Five artists will be awarded commissions to express themselves on the recycling dumpsters that are placed in neighborhoods around the city. Not only will it help to beautify the neighborhoods that the dumpsters are in, the sanitation department is also hoping it will help bring awareness to recycling. For the artists, it gives them a chance to show off their work to a new audience that will see it on a daily bases. Everyone involved benefits from the beauty of the containers that are usually painted and hidden to blend in with the background. Artists will compete to win the commissions that each include a $2,250 prize and supply money. The winning dumpsters will then go on display at Earth Day Texas to bring more awareness to the program. Then the decorated dumpsters will be spread out through out the city, so a larger number of neighborhoods get to benefit from the project. Recycling and trash disposable are always going to be a part of our every day lives, so why not get more creative about it. Especially when you can support the arts at the same time.

A new program by the city of Dallas’ Sanitation Services department will support local artists in a most unusual way. Called Art for Dumpsters, it will award five artists with commissions to be displayed on city recycling containers. According to Murray Myers, who oversees the city’s “zero waste” department, Art for Dumpsters will take mundane recycle containers and transform them into a canvas. Sporting their beautiful new art, the dumpsters will make their surrounding neighborhoods more aware of recycling and engage people in recycling at the site. The project also allows artists to showcase their work on an unusual canvas with lots of visibility.

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